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By Chaotic Published on 01-11-2016 04:53 PM

Good day ladies and gentlemen,

Let's not kid ourselves. MAcommunity.net has not been very active in the past three years. It's not your fault, but ours. We've not had the time so desperately needed to keep items of interest in front of you, organize our weekly MechAssault game nights, or simply keep the website software up to date. We have other websites we are more or less indentured to and it's shown by our lack of attention here on MAcommunity.net.

In an effort to keep what is left intact here, I want to invite each and every one of you to another website where you can find many like-minded folks to chat about and play our favorite game.


Yes. You will need to start a new account at the website, but it's just as easy as it was here. Upon starting your new account, say c6c6dog or Chaotic sent you!

c6c6dog and I still own the MAcommunity.net domain name and we will continue to hold onto it in the hope we can commit as much time as we used to down the road.

See you there!
c6c6dog & Chaotic