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  1. Mechassault 1 and 2 is sexy again!

    Mechassault 1 and 2 are active again thanks to MechassaultReborn, Xbox Kai Fam, and everyone else!

    Here is a big game from mechassault 1 and 2

    Mechassault 1: 4v4 (Max players)

    Mechassault 2: 5v5
  2. Big mechassault 2 event tonight!

    Hi, So today (Saturday) at 10pm EST, A big Mechassault 2 event is going to happen on Xlink Kai. This video should explain a bit more!
  3. Save mechassault

    Mechassault has been having a low amount of players on our games at SATURDAY NIGHT AT 10PM EST. Please support the community by joining in on game time! Here's a video talking about it:
  4. Mechassault is Dying again

    So every saturday night at 10pm est, is when we do game night. Recently, we haven't been getting many people online. What happened guys? We use to do 5v5's and 6v6's about a month ago. It was amazing and fun! Try your VERY BEST to come on this saturday night at 10pm EST.

  5. Back at it again!

    Ladies and gentlemen. I believe Mechassault has been saved again. Last night on game night, we had a great amount of people. Our peak was 13 people on xlink kai and when I was there, 11 people on MA2! We can do this all the time! There were people who usually come that weren't there so we could even have more next time!
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