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    Published on 02-27-2016 06:18 PM  Number of Views: 929 

    MechAssault Game Night is back!

    Xbox hasn't been the same since the servers were shut down for our favorite original titles, MechAssault and MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf. This website had a single purpose and that was to keep the MechAssault Community alive. The community set designated dates and times that we could all come together and play these two games.

    With some help from a few community members, a new way to get online and play was found! There is a program that you can safely install on your PC that will allow our consoles to communicate with each other to bridge the gap. This program is called XLink Kai. XLink Kai does not provide voice communication, but we've got you covered with Discord - Free Voice and Text Chat For Gamers, another free program you can install on your PC or take with you on the go in their IOS/Android app.

    From here on out, MechAssault Game Nights will start EVERY Saturday @ 10PM EST just as before!

    Get set up and ready to go! If the links below are not very helpful, please post in our forums and someone will try to help! "Leave no MechAssault pilot behind!"

    Download XLink Kai!
    Download Discord - Free Voice and Text Chat For Gamers! Click the Connect button on the Discord Widget on this website and voice chat with the community!

    Helpful links:

    XLink Kai Account Setup
    XLink Kai Wiki
    XLink Kai Help
    XLink Kai QuickStart
    XLink Kai FAQ
    XLink Kai Step-By-Step Troubleshooter

    Discord Support

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